Premium rate numbers are charged at a much higher rate compared to usual phone calls, allowing you to earn revenue on every incoming call to your number. Business owners use them to receive calls from clients and expand their services to new areas they have interest in.

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Who we are

Premiumy is a major player in the telecommunications industry. We specialize in International Premium Rate Numbers, Value Added Service (VAS), Premium Inbound SMS, DIDs, and customized premium rate telephone numbers. Using ground-breaking technology, we take a step forward and approach to traditional premium rate services from a whole new perspective. Our rich experience in the telecommunication business area helps us be on the upswing and deliver quality services with fast and high payouts.

Since the demands of the modern market and the potentials it provides are ever-changing, you should be aware of the most up-to-date information and use quality premium number services to be able to grow your business internationally. With that in mind, we offer a wide choice of market rates, payout terms, and terminations. Premiumy has been operating in the premium rate number industry since its inception, and our senior managers are experts in this field. We know the worth of carrier stability, traffic, and faithful service. Contact us in any convenient way so we can assist you in finding the rate number solution that best suits your business.

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Fill in the contact form right now and our managers will prepare most suitable numbers and payout plans for you!


iprn advantages

Most portals available today are alike but with the Premiumy updated platform, you’ll reach a whole new level. Expect to enjoy ease of use and flexible controls.
  • User-friendly interface

    User-friendly interface

    We are aimed to make our portal as usable as possible, providing complete control over the IPRN number assignment process that requires almost no human interaction.

  • Real-time payment status

    Real-time payment status

    The unique, innovative IPRN system we’ve developed is a smart tool you can rely on to expand your business and have all financial information at your fingertips. It automatically generates invoices and displays the current payment status. Keeping incomes under control and getting revenues on time has never been easier.

  • Possibility to self-order the numbers

    Possibility to self-order the numbers

    Use “Check Access” and “Daily Access List” tools to ensure the range works for you. Click “Add number” in Rates & Numbers to allocate desired numbers to your account.

  • Subaccounts for your clients

    Subaccounts for your clients

    With Premiumy, you can take advantage of adding resellers under your account. Accounts are activated with no reference to us. Your clients don’t know who we are and deal directly with you.

How to get started?

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  1. Fill in application form fields on our website or contact our support team via skype

  2. Set up an account and check the access

  3. Allocate your numbers

  4. Generate your revenue!

Choose the best service! Start taking advantage today!

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payment terms

Guaranteed on-time payment transfers
  • PayPal
  • BankTransfer
  • Western union
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyGram

We provide fast and secure money transfers via reputable services. You can choose the most convenient payment method - Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Payoneer, Wire Transfers, or Epayments. Plus, you can get paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly (depending on your business needs).



below we answered the most frequently asked questions of customers about the work of our service
  • 01

    What is the Premium Rate Number?

    International Premium Rate Numbers (aka IPRNs) are mobile numbers that incur a higher caller cost than regular numbers. They are used by business owners to gain extra income for voice and data services they provide. Content providers can also use premium rate numbers as a micro-payment tool to bill their services.

  • 02

    Who can use your IRPN services?

    Premium numbers can be used by both organizations and individuals. We offer assistance to content providers, media agencies, promoters, etc.

  • 03

    Can I call numbers from any place?

    Yes, you can call IPRN from anywhere (it depends on the access).

  • 04

    How can I check the access to premium numbers?

    We are pleased to introduce the special Test Panel. Here you can find all necessary information - check live access, track periodic statistics, monitor historical data, and more. You can also see test numbers in all offered premium rate number ranges. To make sure the connection is up and running, please, dial the desired number. If you find your call in “Active Calls” or get our voice message, then everything works properly. An alternative way to check which destinations work from your country and operator is to visit the Check Access page in your account.

  • 05

    How can I obtain international premium numbers?

    You can get the number in just a few clicks. Just log in on and go to “Order Numbers” to choose numbers for your business. The numbers will display in “Numbers”. Ready!

  • 06

    How much should I pay for premium rate telephone numbers?

    Premiumy provides numbers at no cost.

  • 07

    How to begin cooperation with Premiumy?

    Start with registering on our website. After you provide all information, we’ll send a verification link to your email. Click the link to verify your email ID.

  • 08

    Is there a limit to destinations?

    No, call as many destinations as you need.

  • 09

    Do all premium rate numbers function in all countries?

    No, various premium rate numbers provide different access from diverse countries. To find out which destinations are reachable from your location - call test numbers. We update access lists for the vast majority of our terminations. Take your time to contact us and we’ll help you settle all issues.

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